Prize Bond Guess for upcoming prize bond draw which is going to be held on 1st September 2011 on thursday for Bond 40,000 Rs in Hyderabad city.  Check out Prize Bond Schedule 2011 in resources section for more details. Congratulations to all the winners and posters of previous Prize Bond Draw 1500 Rs Multan City 15th August 2011.

Prize Bond Draw Result

Bond 1500 Rs Multan City 15th August 2011

First: [ 7995 ]

Second: [ 2168 ] [ 4624 ] [ 9854 ]

Check Previous Prize Bond Results in Result Section.

Prize Bond Guess Winners List 15th August 2011 Multan Draw

Babu Khan First Ring Fantastic Work 799
Genius Only One Open 7
Salman Only One Open 7
Abid Hussain First Open 7 & Second Pair 21
Afzal Jee First Pair 79
Jabroo Dada First Pair 79
Adnan First Pair 79
Guideless First Pair 79
Fraz Khan Second Pair 21

Open/Close Winners 15th August 2011

Kashif Open 7-4Sermad Open 7-5-2Khadim Hussain Open 7-4-3
Faraz Khan Open 7-4-2Faisal Open 7-6-2Asif Shehzad Open 7-4-5
Latif Ahmed Open 7-4-3Syed Sindh Open 7-6-5********

Akra Link Winners 15th August 2011

Chess MasterMohsin1947F.BalochSono

Post your Best Prize Bond Guess, Prize Bond Routines, Prize Bond Formulas and your best prize bond guess and numbers here to help each other for upcoming prize bond draw on 1st september 2011 in Hyderabad city.